30-Day Quest: At-Home Full-Body Workout Challenge + Snack

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The 30 Day Quest Workout and Snack

When it comes to living a healthy life two things are a must: working out & eating healthy.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a workout you crushed followed up by a healthy snack….so this week I thought I’d bring you both!

Having a baby and a 6-year-old means that I don’t always get to the gym. So for me,  it’s important to have a few good home workouts ready to go in a flash.

This week I wanted to create a full-body circuit workout using a medicine ball. I’m using a 10 lb ball, but any weight will do. Aim to do this circuit 3-5 times total with a 60 second rest in-between each circuit, 3-4x/week.

(Make sure to check with your doctor before performing any workout).

Now that you’ve got your workout, let’s talk about the food!

Quest has always been one of my favorite brands because their mission is to revolutionize food and make clean eating fun. I’m an avid lover and consumer of their protein bars and was thrilled to learn about their new Beyond Cereal Protein Bars.

So here’s the breakdown:

  • gluten-free
  • 110 calories each
  • 2-3g net carbs
  • 6-7g fiber
  • 12g protein

These Beyond Cereal Bars also use an ingredient called Allulose which is a naturally occurring sweetener found in figs, raisins and dates.

So now that you know they’re a fun healthy snack…let’s see how they look and what they taste like.

Waffle, Chocolate and Cinnamon Roll Quest Beyond Cereal Bars

WAFFLE: One bite and it will feel like you just dug into some real waffles and syrup. This bar is perfect for after morning workouts.

CHOCOLATE: I’m not a huge chocolate lover, but I do like the subtle chocolate cookie flavor of this bar.

CINNAMON ROLL: This flavor is my favorite!! It tastes so indulgent and it really tastes like a cinnamon roll (which is AWESOME for me since I’m gluten-free and never get to have any!)

I really enjoyed how the Beyond Cereal Bars taste like the junky cereal bars, but offer the nutritional profile you can expect from Quest Nutrition (more protein, less carbs, less sugar and amazing taste). Plus, they’re super easy to just toss in your gym bag (or diaper bag) and enjoy while you’re on-the-go.

We will definitely be adding these to our family healthy snacks for after workouts, hiking, soccer practice or a day at the pool.

Want to know where to find them?

Vitamin Shoppe carries Quest Beyond Cereal Bars

Click here to try them now at Vitamin Shoppe. Or find the nearest Vitamin Shoppe near you and drop in. My local Vitamin Shoppe was so well-educated on the bars and the Quest company that I highly recommend visiting them if you have any questions.


I do this circuit 3x and I get a full body workout plus cardio! love it

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