30 Days of Thanks Core Challenge

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30 Days of Thanks Core Challenge November | BodyRebooted.com

This month we’re saying thanks for all our blessings including our health!

Thanksgiving holiday has always been my favorite because it doesn’t involve giving or getting any presents, but instead being thankful for everything that we already have.

Health is one of the greatest things you will ever own so we want to help make it even better! In less than 5 minutes a day you can get a killer core workout with our 30 Days of Thanks Core Challenge.

It’s OK if you can’t get every move on the 1st day. Our goal here is to do what you can and build on that so you can crush this whole challenge by the end of the month.

I can’t wait to hear (or see – if you’re brave enough to post before & after pics) how you all do through the month. Tag me @bodyrebooted on IG and FB and #BR30DaysOfCore for accountability and let’s do this!


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30 Days of Thanks Fit Challenge Core Workout | BodyRebooted.com

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