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Be Beautiful…Be You!

That’s the motto of and one of the reasons I LOVE this company and their products.

BeautyFit was created to educate, inspire & motivate women to look and feel beautiful and they do this by offering health & fitness products for diet, energy, sports nutrition, digestion and more.

Their spokespeople are all female athletes who have used BeautyFit products to help them achieve their goals. Many are competitive bikini professionals, but a lot are regular people like you and me that work hard every day to be our best self!

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Another cool plus – the entire BeautyFit line is scientifically engineered JUST FOR WOMEN!

Sorry guys – these ingredients work synergistically to enhance the female body’s own fat-burning hormone secretion and don’t mesh well with men’s physiology and fat disposition.

In July 2015, I was honored to be featured as BeautyFit’s Inspiration of the month.   To read my story and see the other amazing women chosen each month click here.

Here are the products I’ve used successfully before, during and now after my pregnancy – If you’d like to give them a try, head over to and use coupon code: CR-BF20 for 20% OFF your entire order and check out what else they have to offer!

BeautyFit Products

BeautyStrong – This pre-workout matrix will kick your workout up a notch and push you to burn more calories! My favorite flavor is grape…just mix with 6 oz of water and chug about 15 minutes before you workout.

BeautyRecover – Helps you recover faster and help muscle soreness by providing essential amino acids and electrolytes.

BeautyFuel – Promotes weight loss by controlling excess water retention, controlling appetite, increasing mental clarity and increasing energy levels.

BeautyBum – Muscle toning lotion (I love this stuff)! It basically smooths and tones skin to firm up those cellulite-prone areas…and what girl doesn’t want smooth thighs?!

BeautyBurn AM & PM – 24 hour weight loss kit that promotes rapid weight loss, all day energy, reduced water retention, suppressed nighttime hunger and promotion of healthy restorative sleep.

BeautyWhey – Protein powder with a gourmet taste! I personally love the Luscious Lemon flavor the best! Just mix with 1 cup cashew milk and a handful of blueberries for an amazing antioxidant shake!

BeautyGreens – A superfood packed with antioxidants to help with weight loss, increase energy, improved digestion & sleep, relief from PMS, younger looking skin, better memory and better resistance to colds and flus.

BeautyNatal – A prenatal vitamin that you can take before, during and after pregnancy to maintain your body’s supply of essential nutrients.

BeautyControl – Anti-wrinkle eye cream that’s paraben free and reduces dark circles.

BeautyHeat – A pro-grade thermo-stimulant for maximum fat loss.

BeautySlender – A stimulant-free maximum weight-loss product designed just for women.

More products here.

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