Bikini Booty Workout Video

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Great workout video you can do at home to tighten that booty and legs for bikini season.

Spring is here which means bikini season is just around the corner!

Grab a friend and get that booty in shape with this Bikini Booty Workout!

Aim to do each circuit 3 times, 4-5 times per week! This video is sped up for time, but each circuit should be about 2:30 (have a 60 second rest in-between).


  1. Squats x 10
  2. Side Lunges x 10
  3. Fire Hydrants to Donkey Kicks x 10
  4. Hip Raises & Leg Hold x10

Remember to squeeze those glutes every time you come up from a squat or lunge to maximize your results!


Want more booty exercises? Check out our Instagram Feed for more booty firming moves!

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