Body After Baby

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Body after baby...a motherhood celebration

I’ve been wanting to write a post about the topic of our bodies after we have babies ever since our baby girl arrived 18 months ago.

There is so much pressure to ‘return to normal’ or ‘get our pre-baby body back’ as fast as possible, but most of that pressure is surprisingly from ourselves.

Yes, we live in a culture that celebrates celebrities and their Instagram feeds as they show off their post-baby body, 4 weeks later, in a bikini, with no evidence of a recent pregnancy. But, I think deep down we all know that they have a LOT of help.

We know that the very fortunate have personal trainers to get them working out, chefs to shop, plan and prepare amazing healthy foods and even nannies to help watch the kids so they have all the time they need to get their figure back. So it’s no wonder that they look amazing.

I believe that the real problem comes from the pressure of our own body image and the self-worth that’s tied to it.

body after baby - a mother's story of acceptance

I have struggled with body image for almost 20 years now. When I was overweight, I never really saw myself as heavy. I looked in the mirror and saw my athletic college figure looking back at me and I was truly confident! It was only until someone showed me a picture they had taken and blown up for a friend’s birthday that I REALLY saw what I looked like.  I instantly began the cycle of negative thoughts, saying no to dinner outings and parties and believed that I wouldn’t be happy again until I lost the weight.

That picture was the catalyst I need to get back my health, thankfully, but looking back, I missed out on a LOT of life until I felt I was worthy enough to enjoy it.

On the flip side, I have also had issues when I’ve been thin. Just recently, I saw a series of pictures from a surprise party we attended and I couldn’t believe that was me in the photos. Who was that thin girl? That’s not me! I still have so much baby weight to lose!

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I knew right after my baby girl arrived that I would go back to teaching DDP YOGA at the performance center. Teaching fitness classes and changing lives is what I love to do yet I stressed so much about it that by the time I went back to teach (about 5 months) I realized I didn’t really enjoy that time with my baby girl as much as I would have liked.

I just worried so much that people would look at me differently. If they still saw baby weight on me, maybe they wouldn’t take my class. Maybe they would think less of me. Maybe I wasn’t worthy of helping them get in better shape if I was still a work in progress.

Maybes and whatifs’ almost destroyed me.

I was fortunate enough to not have postpartum depression with my little girl like I did with my son, but I still beat myself up for not losing weight fast enough, not breastfeeding long enough, not being able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes…and the list goes on and on.

body after baby before and after

Because I haven’t hit my ‘goal weight’ yet, I’m allowing myself to not fully enjoy life and all the wonderful things going on. THAT. STOPS. NOW.

If you are putting off going to the pool in a bathing suit because you’re worried about what other people will think…STOP IT. Your kids aren’t going to remember what you looked like in a bikini, they’re going to remember that Mama played with them and had a blast in the pool. Think about all the cool memories you’ll make!

If you’re not going to attend a dinner party because you don’t feel like your clothes look good on you. STOP IT. Your friends invited you because they enjoy your company, no matter what your body and wardrobe look like.

If you’re not taking any pictures with your kids because you feel like you look too fat…STOP IT. You are missing out on recording memories that both you and your kids will look back on and enjoy. (I missed an entire YEAR of pictures with my son because I wasn’t at my goal weight yet and it still upsets me. Those are pictures & adventures that I can never capture again).






You spent 9+ months growing a tiny human! A freaking human!

To do so, your belly and hips had to stretch more than everbefore. Don’t look at those stretch marks and be ashamed. Look at them and be proud of your sacrifice…you earned those stripes!

Your breasts had to grow and prepare to feed your little one. They may stay big or they may disappear all-togehter. Whatever the result, embrace your new figure and know that you made food to nurture your baby and that’s simply amazing!

Your feet may have grown and widened to accommodate carrying around more weight, and maybe they never returned to their original size. Celebrate it and show them off with a whole new collection of kicks!

Your dress size may have gone up and it may stay up regardless of how healthy you eat and how much you work out. This is the new you…accept and appreciate it and let it empower you to teach your kids to never judge a book by it’s cover and that confidence and strength comes from within.

When you’re feeling blue about your body, remember that YOU created life and that life was meant to be celebrated. Enjoy it, record it and live it with no regrets Mama!

Such an awesome read for new moms! Body after baby and how to celebrate our bodies and motherhood. |

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