EverlyWell At-home Food Sensitivity Kit {Review + Discount Code}

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Everlywell Review

Disclosure: I received a complimentary food sensitivity test from EverlyWell in conjunction with the my partnership with FitApproach for review purposes.  As always, all opinions are my own. Full PR & Disclosure here

I am so excited to share this new at-home kit with you all because it covers a topic near and dear to my heart…FOOD!

As many of you know, 3+ years ago I battled with eczema. I tried countless OTC topical creams and prescription meds but nothing seemed to help. Sometimes my skin would heal for a few days, but the unsightly condition would always make its way back to the surface, often worse than it was before. It was VERY frustrating to say the least. There had to be a way to actually FIX the problem instead of just putting ‘bandaids’ on them.

I spent the next 3 months researching everything I could on eczema and what I learned was that it was very possible that the food I was eating was a major contributor to my skin condition.

Never in a million years did I think that FOOD would cause my skin problems!

Especially good food. I mean, it’s not like I binged on fast food and chocolate. I actually had a very healthy diet full of fruits, grains, vegetables, proteins and fats!

In the end, there’s only so much itching and scratching and covering up one can take so I found a company online with a local lab and invested in my health. And by invested, I mean INVESTED.

I spent almost $1200 on a comprehensive food intolerance test. It took a few weeks to get my results back, but I finally did and put the steps in motion to work on healing my body. To see the video series I did on this click here.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because it worked!

I healed my skin from the inside out using the information I gained from the test.


EverlyWell At-home tests review

I’m so excited to introduce you all to a company called EverlyWell. Here’s what they’re all about:

  • At-home convenient health tests
  • Easy to understand lab results that you can share & always access
  • Affordable

They have 7 at-home tests:

  1. Cholesterol & Lipids – $79
  2. Food Sensitivity – $199
  3. Sleep & Stress – $199
  4. Thyroid & Metabolism – $99
  5. Inflammation & Vitamin D – $99
  6. Heavy Metals – $199
  7. Women’s Health & Fertility – $399

It’s always a good idea to get checked yearly for food sensitivities since they can change so that’s what I did! It was so easy. I just placed my order and in a few days I received my kit which included the following:

EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Test Kit Review | BodyRebooted.com

  • instructions
  • alcohol prep pad
  • safety lancet
  • protein saver card
  • Bandaids
  • biohazard bag
  • requisition form
  • envelope
  • lollipop

how-it-works-everlywell-1024x400So here’s how I took the test: I cleaned my fingertip, prick my finger with the safety lancet and allowed some blood to drip into the circles on the protein saver card. Then I put on the Band-aid and waited for the card to dry. Once dry, I put everything in the envelope and dropped it in the mailbox.

And Viola! It’s been 1 week and I just got my results via email!

Here’s an iPad screenshot of what the results look like. You’ll see a reactivity scale at the top which goes from low to very high and a list of all the markers below. The food sensitivity test measures gluten, wheat, milk, soy, peanuts, avocado and 93 other common foods in the American diet.

Food ipad

If you want more information on a marker, you click on the name and a more detailed report comes up explaining your results, what they mean and what you can do about it. Squash showed up as Class 1, Milk Reactivity for me and here’s what it says:

My test results EverlyWell

It’s really that simple. 

As a nutritionist and a former sufferer of eczema I highly recommend looking into EverlyWell. The tests are affordable, simple, and easy to understand. I am very happy with my test results and will definitely be using them again in the future and recommending them to family & friends.

If FINALLY ready to get some answers, visit EverlyWell.com and get your Food Sensitivity kit for 15% off using the discount code: YOURBESTFOODS

Questions? Click here to visit EverlyWell’s FAQ page and watch the video below.

EverlyWell's at-home Food Sensitivity Test Review | BodyRebooted.com


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  1. Interesting. I’ve never heard of this before but great that it has helped you out!

    Comment by Jules — 15 July, 2016 @ 11:26 am

  2. Thanks Jules!

    Comment by Christina Russell — 15 July, 2016 @ 2:42 pm

  3. How did the results on the Everly Well test compare to the $1200 food intolerance test?

    Comment by TMR — 2 September, 2016 @ 11:07 am

  4. The $1200 test covered more than just food…it covered 20 molds, 30 food additives, 20 antibiotics and 50 medicinial herbs & functional foods so it was definitely more comprehensive. Having said that, I actually never really pay attention to the other things above, because by cutting out the foods and eating all organic, the rest kind of get weeded out naturally. If it’s just food you’re after for testing, I think the $199 test is way more friendly to your wallet and can give you the results you need.

    Comment by Christina Russell — 7 September, 2016 @ 5:36 pm

  5. Hi there Christina!

    Thanks for the info, is this test also avaiable in Europe?

    Comment by Mayjolene — 21 September, 2016 @ 9:10 am

  6. EverlyWell tests are currently available to residents in 46 U.S. states. We currently do not offer tests to residents of the following states: New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Rhode Island. Sorry – no other countries at this time. Hopefully soon!

    Comment by Christina Russell — 21 September, 2016 @ 12:13 pm

  7. Did the food allergies on the EverlyWell test match the ones that the $1200 test said you have?

    Comment by Darryl — 25 October, 2016 @ 12:35 pm

  8. Hi Darryl, Someone else asked that same question above – take a look for the answer. 🙂

    Comment by Christina Russell — 25 October, 2016 @ 9:03 pm

  9. You haven’t really answered the question about the 2 different tests. Although the one was more comprehensive, did they both give you the same results on the foods that they did test the same? In other words, if you were reactive to peaches on the expensive test, did the less expensive test show the same results?

    Comment by Kathy — 23 December, 2016 @ 10:39 pm

  10. Ahhh, I see what you’re asking. Yes and no. It’s recommended to get a food test every 9-12 months as our bodies are constantly changing and therefore foods can change as well. 2 examples: 1) If you originally had a mild-moderate sensitivity to eggs and followed the recommended removal of the eggs from your diet for 6 months and then reintroduced them every couple of days, your intolerance could easily of gone away. 2) If you didn’t have an intolerance to eggs and you spent the last 9 months eating them every day, you most likely will have an intolerance now as our bodies typically can’t tolerate the same foods repeatedly. All that being said, yes the foods that were ok before were ok now and the foods that were troublesome were troublesome still with the exception of 2 new intolerances from foods recently introduced to my diet over the last year. I hope that helps!

    Comment by Christina Russell — 24 December, 2016 @ 5:19 pm

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