How to create an amazing spa day at home

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Pamper Yourself With An At-Home Spa Day

With winter here and bringing dry skin and dark, chilly weather with it, now is the perfect time for a little extra TLC! Spas are a great way to brighten your complexion and mood, but they can be pretty pricey or hard to find. However, there are plenty of ways to make a great spa day in your very own home! Not only will this save you money and travel time, but you’ll still wake up the next morning feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to tackle the rest of the week. Pick 1 to get started and work your way up to all 7 for ultimate self-pampering!

DIY Facials

There are plenty of websites out there with do-it-yourself facial masks, cleansers, moisturizers, and more. If you can think it up, it probably already exists. Making your own facial masks and scrubs at home can be incredibly rewarding. Not only do you get the benefit of making something yourself and seeing the results firsthand, but you also know exactly what’s going into everything you’re using. You’ll be able to control the ingredients and their measurements, the oil levels of your products, and target the exact areas that you think need improvement. The sensitive skin on your face will thank you for that!

Take Your Bath To The Next Level

Spending some time soaking in the tub is always a great way to pamper yourself, and there are so many ways that you can go about making this a relaxing experience. There are bubble baths, bath bombs, and bath oils available for your use, and most of them can be found at local beauty or health supply stores for a reasonable amount of money. You can lounge around in water at the exact right temperature for your relaxation and stay in there as long as you’d like, just enjoying the fragrances, bubbles, and maybe your favorite book!

Manicures and Pedicures

Manicures and pedicures can be a great way to relax and unwind. You get to spend time focusing on one specific task, and at the end, you have a beautiful product to show off and wear. The nail trends of 2017 leave a lot of room for creativity, so you can express your artistic side as much as you’d like and then wear the final product afterward until it wears off or you get bored and want to try something new. This is also a great activity because it provides you with a little reminder of your relaxing time even when you dive back into the world of work and daily stresses, reassuring you that you’ll be able to spend time on yourself again in the future, too!

Bring The Best To Your Table

When it comes to pampering yourself, nothing can beat being able to eat your favorite foods or indulge in your favorite drinks. Even if you can’t go overboard for health or dieting reasons, you can always spare a little room for some indulgence when you’re taking time out for a single, relaxing spa day, like a nice glass of organic wine.

Take A Look At Professional Equipment

Plenty of spaces online like Massage Tools offer professional-grade spa and self-care equipment for your perusal. This can include facial steamers, creams, oils and lotions, and even aromatherapy equipment. If you’re looking to bring that extra touch to your at-home spa day, having a few pieces of high-grade professional spa equipment on hand can be a great investment to make, especially if you plan on doing this frequently.

Do Up Your Looks

Some people find putting on makeup and doing their hair to be tedious, but for others, it can be a huge confidence boost and a great way to pamper yourself. Even if you have nowhere to go, getting dressed up is a way to treat yourself to a little extra you time, and it can be a great way to experiment with new hairstyles or makeup that you haven’t had the chance to try out before.

Take Time To Relax

A true spa day involves a lot of relaxation! What’s relaxing can differ greatly from person to person, so there’s no hard set guide for this. Just do something that you find calming and soothing, whether it’s reading a book, knitting, catching up on your favorite YouTube channel, or anything in between.

In taking a few days out of the month to treat yourself to a real at-home spa experience, you may find your looks, skin, and overall mood improving. All in all, it’s a win-win situation and a must-try!

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