Live Life With Purpose with Vega

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So excited for Vega's new plant-based cashewmilk yogurt!

This post is sponsored by Vega but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Full PR & Disclosure here

Living life with purpose is ultimately about achieving balance.

Balance is something we all strive for. The balance of work and family life, relationships and personal needs, and fitness and down-time.

I’m a mom of a 7 year old boy that’s always on-the-go and a 2 year old little girl who never stops! Between homework, sports practice, play dates and potty training, I still have a growing fitness business to run and a hubby and home to look after.

It’s also important for me to recharge so lunch dates with friends and a little rest and relaxation with a good book must to be worked into my schedule.

Real plant-based food to fuel you with 13 grams of protein!

Time is always in short supply so it comes down to prioritizing and finding the right balance for you. We all want to look our best, perform at our best and be the best versions of ourselves, so how do we achieve this equilibrium? By living life like you mean it!

Give 100% effort in everything you do and you’ll find that happy medium. This doesn’t mean do everything yourself and never ask for help. It means, find the tools that help you give your all, couple them with your best efforts, and you’ll reap the rewards.

Vega Protein Cashewmilk Yogurt Alternative is essential for my healthy lifestyle.

Vega and their NEW Vega Protein Cashewmilk Alternative Yogurt want to help fuel you so you can be your personal best. It’s the perfect ready-to-go fuel for breakfast, pre & post workouts, or a mid-day snack.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Highest protein plant-based yogurt  – 13 grams to be exact!
  • More protein than sugar
  • Live active cultures including prebiotics and probiotics
  • Good source of magnesium, iron and zinc
  • Great tasting flavors like vanilla, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry

Whether I’m going white water rafting, lifting weights in my home gym, or practicing yoga, incorporating Vega’s Protein Cashewmilk Alternative Yogurt is essential for my active lifestyle. Click here to learn more and to find them in a store near you. #VegaGoGetIt

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