Lost Motivation? Don’t want to workout? Watch this video.

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Welcome to the 2nd video in our Healthy Talk Series!

This week’s talk is about what to do when you just don’t wanna workout! We’ll hit on 2 possible scenarios and what you should do in response.  Watch the video ↓

Here’s the recap of our Video:

There are 2 different ways that may make you feel like you’ve lost all motivation and don’t want to keep going and work out. Let’s discuss both.

Part 1:

You may not feel like working out because you’re kinda off. Maybe you’re getting sick or maybe your body is exhausted for all the other workouts this week, plus work, plus parenting, etc., etc.

When this happens it’s really important to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

Your body is telling you that it needs to rest. So take a day off…you won’t regress, I promise. Read a book, get a pedicure, take a nap or binge-watch Netflix. Whatever you choose, just make sure you’re really taking a day just for you.


When you are feeling lazy, stressed and just plain don’t want to work out, even though you know you should. This is when you NEED to workout.

Self-sabotaging is a real thing and if you go the easy route and skip a workout today, that may have a domino effect and the next thing you know you’ve missed a whole week of workouts and you’re up 2 pounds for the week. NOT A GOOD FEELING, RIGHT?!


Remember WHY you started working out in the first place. Maybe it was to set a good example for your kids. Maybe it was to look good at your HS reunion.

Whatever you do…DON’T SLACK!

You don’t have to go out and spend 2 hours in the gym…anything is better than nothing. I find that micro-workouts, like this one and this one, throughout the day are the best for these days. 5 minutes here and there can add up and it doesn’t put you out too much.

You can also find a fitness tribe of your own and lean on them for accountability. My DDP YOGA and BODY REBOOTED tribe has helped me on so many occasions and I’m so grateful to have them by my side.

I hope you enjoyed our video today! For more of our Healthy Talk Series videos and our Home Workouts, please subscribe to us on YouTube!


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