New Year’s Celebration Cocktail featuring Tsamma Juice

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Kick off the New Year with this celebration cocktail recipe with benefits!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tsamma Juice. All opinions are entirely my own. Full PR & Disclosure here.

2018 is just a few days away and I just know it’s going to be a great year!

I feel so good about the future. My baby girl is almost a year and a half old and ruling the household with all of her dance moves and giggles. My son is kicking butt at school, having a blast with friends and is enjoying sports at a whole new level. My hubby seems more relaxed and is enjoying our family time more now that our sleepless nights have been reduced drastically. I’m back to my pre-baby weight, feeling stronger than ever before and having a blast growing my fitness channel and blog! Sounds like a pretty good reason to celebrate right?! ūüôā

Rock out this New Year's with a fun and fruity drink.

Now that the kids are a bit older, we are planning on throwing a party this New Year’s Eve. To celebrate, I’ve partnered up with Tsamma Juice to bring you the perfect cocktail {with benefits} to ring in the New Year! With just 3 ingredients, this drink will be the hit of the party!

Here’s a little bit about the amazing juice, Tsamma; and why I chose it:

  • Tsamma (pronounced SAH-MA) watermelon juice is specifically proven to aid in rapid re-hydration and athletic recovery which makes this the perfect cocktail mixer AND a great drink to re-hydrate after a tough workout or game (sans alcohol of course).
  • Tsamma Juice is cold-pressed watermelon juice that has a natural source of L-citrulline, Lycopene and potassium. In fact, it has 4 times the amount of Lycopene that’s in a tomato which makes this juice a powerful antioxidant.
  • Last but not least, it totally get’s my seal of approval for having no added sugars, no artificial colors or flavors, is gluten-free, non-GMO, soy free, Kosher, and rich in Vitamins A & C.

Tsamma Original Watermelon Juice and Coconut Water Blend

There are 2 Tsamma Juices in the produce section at Publix (located with all the other juices); Tsamma Original Watermelon Juice and Tsamma Watermelon Juice + Coconut Watermelon Blend. They are both full of so much flavor it was hard to pick just one to use.

For this year’s holiday cocktail recipe I am using the original Tsamma Juice, but their Watermelon + Coconut Blend reminds me of a pi√Īa¬†colada and it’s sooo yummy too. You could add in a little rum, a splash of lime and some ice and you’ve got yourself a delicious libation that will feel like you are chillin’ on the beach on a mid-summer’s night.

Mark your calendars: Publix is having a BOGO on Tsamma Juice from January 3 – 10th. Make sure to pick up one of each juice…they’re both so different and delicious.

I believe in the 80/20 rule! Work hard and follow your food/fitness/healthy mind regimen 80% of the time and don’t worry about it the other 20%. Life is meant to be enjoyed!

So if you’re ready to celebrate 2018 with some handcrafted hydration {with a shot of fun}, here’s your go-to New Year’s Celebration Cocktail recipe. Cheers!

With just 3 ingredients you can have the hit of the party with this fun celebration cocktail. Can't wait for New Year's Eve!

New Year’s Celebration Cocktail


  • Tsamma¬†Watermelon Juice
  • Prosecco (or Sparkling Wine or Champagne)
  • Orange Juice


  1. Fill champagne flute 1/3 full with Tsamma Juice.
  2. Fill remaining flute with prosecco.
  3. Top with a splash of fresh-squeezed orange juice.
  4. Serve with a sprig of mint or orange slice (optional).

Visit to find more recipes like this one and to learn more about the founding farmer, Sarah Frey, and some interesting facts like how Tsamma Juice is fueling the University of Alabama’s football team after practices and games.

Tsamma Juice + Prosecco + OJ = a Celebration Cocktail to ring in the New Year!

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