To Workout, or Not Workout…

That is the question!  What do you do when your mind wants to keep pushing forward, but your body says, “No Way!”?

It happens to the best of us and right now its happening to me.  My nature is to go full speed; all-day, every-day.  I don’t like to sit still as I feel like there are so many things I can accomplish if I just get moving.  So I go and I go and I go and every once in awhile, my body says STOP.  Well, my body may be telling me to stop, but my mind doesn’t want to have any of it - which leads me to my current dilemma - should I workout or rest?

There always seems to be a great debate about whether working out while sick is a good or bad idea.  In general, I think we should listen to our bodies.  If I have a head cold, I usually continue to workout (just with a little less umph) and if my body feels like it got hit with a Mac truck then I usually try and rest.  The problem I’m having today is that I’m somewhere in the middle.  I feel a little groggy, a little achy, a little off.  My head is a little congested, my throat is a little sore, and headaches are fluttering around.  But I think my biggest problem is that my mind doesn’t want me to rest.  I’ve come so far with healthy eating and DDPYoga and I’m so afraid that taking a few days off is going to hurt me.  I think I feel as if one day off will turn into two, which turns into 10 and so-on and so-forth.  So, as I sat up in bed this morning, conflicted between putting on workout gear or street clothes, I decided that I would channel my energy into positive thinking in hopes that it would make me feel better all-around.  Oh, and I decided to take a day off. :)

Christina Russell