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  1. Acai Smoothie Bowl

    Acai Berry Protein Smoothie Bowl

    Boost your health and turn up the volume on your taste buds with this acai protein smoothie bowl recipe using Sambazon superfruit packs.

  2. breakfast chia puddibg

    Overnight Breakfast Chia Pudding

    Take back your morning time with this overnight breakfast chia pudding recipe. All it takes is 5 minutes the night before and this 4 ingredient breakfast will be ready by the time you get up.

  3. Top 3 Finds at the 2018 GFAFExpo!

    Find out my Top 3 pics and the newest products and services at this year's gluten free and allergen friendly expo in Atlanta, GA.

  4. Video: Booty HIIT – Sculpt Your Glutes With This Home Workout

    The perfect 10 minute home workout to blast and sculpt that booty (and legs) to get you ready for a summer of short shorts and bikinis.

  5. VIDEO: 9 Foam Rolling Exercises for Myofascial Release

    Learn how you can improve circulation and help your muscles recover faster after a tough workout by using these 9 exercises with a foam roller to help with myofascial release.

  6. fizzique yoga

    Curb Your Cravings with Fizzique

    Learn about the world's 1st sparkling protein water which has 20 grams of protein and zero carbs making it perfect for after a workout or while living keto. Get your coupon code too and enter to win a case of Fizzique via Instagram.

  7. 2018 Gluten Free Expo – May 19-20 (WIN TICKETS)

    WIN TICKETS to the 2018 Gluten Free Allergen Friendly Expo being held in Atlanta on May 19th and 20th! 20-30% OFF coupon codes also available!

  8. VIDEO: Wall Workout – At Home Exercise and Workout

    Take your workout to another level with this super fun and challenging wall workout. Nothing fancy needed, just grab your favorite wall and press play!

  9. VIDEO: 10×10 Bodyweight Workout – No Equipment Needed

    If you're schedule is filled up for the day then hit this bodyweight workout once in the morning and once in the evening for a great total-body, low-impact workout.

  10. Spice Up Your Workout Leggings Wardrobe {Easter Sale}

    Kick your workouts into high gear with some fun and adventurous leggings from Gear Bunch.

  11. Lost Motivation? Don’t want to workout? Watch this video.

    Not feeling motivated to get up and get your butt in gear? Join me for today's healthy talk video where we talk about the 2 parts of this dilemma and what to do about them and how to get you back on track!

  12. VIDEO: Lean Legs Workout – At Home Circuit

    Lengthen and strengthen those legs with this circuit workout. Aim for 3 rounds in total 3 times per week for smokin sexy lean legs!

  13. VIDEO: 8 Minute Plank Challenge

    Build up the strength in your core, arms, shoulders and legs by adding on this 8 minute plank challenge to the end of any workout.

  14. VIDEO: Pyramid BodyWeight Workout

    Build up strength and cardio with this fun pyramid workout! All you need is some water and 5-15 minutes to get your sweat on!

  15. VIDEO: Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

    Get sexy arms and toned shoulders for spring and summer with this 13 minute upper body dumbbell workout you can do at home!