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The Russell Family of 4


My name is Christina Russell and I’m happy to have you in my little healthy corner of the web!

Before I started my coaching journey, I went through some roller coaster times.

At 35, I had my miracle baby – the one the doctor’s told me for 12 years that I couldn’t have! A picture perfect pregnancy brought my baby boy into this world. Although I suffered post-partum depression for 13 months following his birth, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

When I returned to work, I hated being away from my family so much. 60+ hour weeks including weekends and holidays really made me miss them but I thought it was the only way.

At 37, we got pregnant again, but we suffered a late miscarriage at 20 weeks which left me devastated. Depression, anxiety, weight gain and body image issues were in full effect. Work was almost impossible to return to and I realized 5 months later that my sadness wasn’t just affecting me…but my entire family!

So April 1st I started a new journey to better myself with a program called DDP YOGA.

Little did I know…it would change my life forever. Watch!

After 5 months on the DDP YOGA program I changed careers and focused on nutrition, personal training, pre/post natal fitness and became a celebrity trainer at the DDP YOGA Performance Center in Atlanta, GA (our new home)! I even wrote 2 cookbooks and an eBook to help others with their own journey to health!

At 40, I had my rainbow baby girl and even though I loved my job running the DDPY Performance Center & teaching every day, I knew I wanted to spend more time with her.

At 43, I am a health and wellness coach and I still enjoy teaching DDPY and having personal training clients. But what I love the most is that I have my own business and I work my own hours and I get to enjoy my family and that is the BALANCE I’ve always wanted!

The best part about being a coach…helping others achieve their own healthy balance and taking those with the drive and motivation to help others and helping them build their own business of changing lives.

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Looking forward to enjoying this crazy little thing we call life with all of you!



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