Improve Your Health with Matcha

I just recently learned about all the amazing health benefits of Matcha and I am loving it!

So what is Matcha?

  • Matcha (抹茶?, pronounced [mat.tɕa][1]) refers to finely milled or fine powder green tea. But this isn’t your ordinary green tea. When you drink Matcha you are drinking the entire leaf, not just the brewed water, which gives you 10 TIMES the amount of antioxidants as regular tea and makes it a cancer-fighting, stress-reducing, fat-burning machine!

Last week I was lucky enough to receive 3 different Matchas from Junsui Health to review: Classic, Premium, and Limited. And let me tell you - if you’re looking for excellent quality Matcha with no artificial fillers or flavors, no preservatives, and no chemicals - Junsui Health is the way to go.

My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed it all week long and have added it to smoothies, juices, and warm water. We both felt a boost of clean energy throughout the day and improved alertness. Plus, I think it’s helping us beat this fall cold!

Junsui (純粋) means “pure” in the Japanese language and this family owned company prides themselves on offering only 100% natural products that come from the plantations in Kyushu, Japan.

In case you’re wondering just how to enjoy this powder, here are 3 suggestions from Junsui Health:

The Traditionalist
Sift approx. 2 grams of Junsui Limited Matcha into a tea bowl, add 40-70ml of hot water (not boiling hot - about 80°C - 180F) and whisk in a zigzag or M motion (about 20 seconds) until a lovely green froth appears.

The Modernist 
Add 1-2 grams of Junsui Health Premium to your favorite mug, add 100-150ml of hot water (not boiling hot - about 80°C - 180F) and vigorously whisk in a M motion.

The Realist
Add 1-2 grams of Junsui Classic Matcha to 20-150ml of your favorite juice, then blend or shake - drink!

Where to Buy

If you are interested in adding this amazing superfood to your diet, head over to - you won’t be disappointed! They ship internationally and only sell pure, 100% natural products. 

The Junsui Classic Matcha ranges from $12-$28 USD (depending on size), Premium is $22, and Limited is $38. Each 1.06 oz tin will last you about a month if you consume it daily.


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