30 Day Core Challenge Starts Today!

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Welcome to our 30 Day Core Challenge on @BodyRebooted IGTV!

Starting today, we will be posting a 5-10 minute workout every single day to help you build strength in your core.

It’s completely FREE and I’d love to have you join me. 

I started this challenge 30 days before my birthday, because who doesn’t want to feel amazing and in the best shape ever on their birthday, right?!

If you’re want to join us (or just check it out), please visit https://www.instagram.com/bodyrebooted and click on the IGTV icon. You can also go straight to IGTV (in the top right-hand corner of your IG) and search/follow @BodyRebooted. Make sure to click the 3 dots in the top right hand corner to get notifications. (see pic below)


For extra accountability we have a private facebook group. About half the members are also trying/doing IF (Intermittent Fasting) so there’s a lot of talk about that too.

For those of you who don’t have IG and want to participate I am also posting the workout videos to the facebook group. DM me on Instagram or comment on the latest @BodyRebootd IGTV video and I’ll send you the private link for fb!

Ready to go? Click here!


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