Video: Booty HIIT – Sculpt Your Glutes With This Home Workout

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bird dogs booty exercise


A 10 minute workout to sculpt a beautiful booty!

This is one of those workouts that is a great add-on at the end of any workout. It’s a blast to the booth that will target all of the glute muscles and upper legs too.

Short on time? This is also a great workout on the days where time is very limited! Do a 5 minute warmup and then press play to get going and be done in 15 minutes flat! And as always, don’t forget to stretch at the end of the workout or hit that foam roller for some booty R&R!


All warmed up? Grab some water then press play!

  • :30 Narrow Squats
  • :30 Narrow Squats + alternating Kick Back
  • :30 Squats
  • :30 Squats + alternating Kick Back
  • :30 Plie Squats
  • :30 Plie Squat Pulses
  • :30 Plie Squat Hold
  • :30 Lunge Knee Drops (left)
  • :30 Lunge Knee Drops (right)
  • :30 REST


  • :30 Bird Dogs (alternating)
  • :30 Table Leg Lifts (left)
  • :30 Glute Crossovers (left)
  • :30 Table leg Lifts (right)
  • :30 Glute Crossovers (right)
  • :30 Bridge Lifts
  • :30 Bridge Leg Lift + Lower (left)
  • :30 Bridge Leg Lift + Lower (right)
  • :30 Bridge Hold
  • :30 REST

Repeat or chill out and stretch!

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DISCLAIMER: Please check with your doctor before starting any workout program. Any users of this workout assume the riskof injury resulting from performing the exercises or utilizing any suggested equipment. Take care in the equipment you use, stay hydrated and always listen to your body.

Booty HIIT in only 10 minutes! This one is my go-to workout for summer!



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  1. Hey Christina, I have been trying a similar combination of exercises for my leg day at home. They are pretty brutal and I think the reason I continuously get extremely sore is because of the lunges. With my history of training by Felix squats don’t hit my glutes as much is lunges. Lunges kind of hit my glutes and the upper hamstring area which leads me unable to walk practically the next day ha ha. Keep up the great content!

    Comment by tyler Read — 24 May, 2018 @ 10:54 am

  2. Thanks Tyler!! (Lunges are the devil)! :o)

    Comment by Christina Russell — 25 May, 2018 @ 8:40 pm

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