There’s something about a change of scenery that really does a body good - and this weekend was just that!  My family & I took our first road trip up to Atlanta, GA and joined in the celebration of a big family wedding.  It was beautiful and the time spent with family was priceless.  And since we knew we were headed up towards DDP country - we knew we had to set aside some time to spend with our DDPYoga family and the man himself - Diamond Dallas Page


Being able to workout with DDP in Mexico was amazing - but being able to workout with DDP - in his own house (aka ‘The Accountability Crib‘) was AWESOME and just what I needed.  Sometimes the day-to-day shuffle can really build up and take a toll.  The past few weeks have been just that for me and I was really starting to feel the weight of the world.  But today - I feel energized!  My body is recharged, my mind is clear, and my soul feels strong. 

So look out world - I’m back and ready to continue on my path towards optimal health & fitness! 


Christina Russell

I'm just a girl who overcame obstacles to shine brighter than ever before! Join me on my journey towards optimal health!

  • Don Schmelhaus

    He has a way of recharging everyone that is around him! Glad you got to go, sorry I couldn’t make it down there.

    • Christina Russell

      That’s for sure. It’s ok - hopefully we can meet up soon!

  • Christina Russell

    I fixed it Don! Thanks for the heads up ;)