September 11th Remembrance 5K Recap

I walk to remember. I run in honor.

As you all know, I am not a runner, nor do I play one on TV. I am a die-hard DDP Yoga fan who also enjoys lifting, swimming and beach volleyball, BUT when I saw a flyer for this 5K I had to sign up.

It’s been 13 years since the horrible September 11th attacks on the twin towers but the images of that horrific day will always be with me. Nearly 3000 dead and thousands of families torn apart, left to rebuild their lives after an unthinkable attack.

Since I became a mom I worry every single day that something may happen to my family. I try not to focus on it, but the worry is always there. I can not imagine what these families went through, but I can honor their memories, which is why my hubby and I chose to sign up for the remembrance 5K.

I didn’t do any training for it as it is a run/walk event, but what I did do was injury myself 2 days before! Not intentionally of course, but I did end up with plantar fasciitis which is, in layman’s terms, a heel injury that hurts like crazy!! I had already recruited some friends to join us for the 5K so I was too stubborn to not do it and so race day came and there I was, ready to go with my KT Tape and orthopedic inserts. My hubby is the best as he was my biggest cheerleader. He ran with me when I could and walked with me when the pain was too much. He was awesome and together, holding hands high, we crossed the finish line.

Despite the rain, the 90°+ heat & humidity, and my injury, I am really happy we participated in this event. We ran along side firefighters in full gear with tanks, as well as, police officers and swat teams also in full tactical gear. The sense of community among everyone there was just incredible and you could feel the love as we honored and remembered those men and women who fell that fatal day.

If you are located in or around the Coral Springs, FL area there is a memorial being held on 9/11 at 6pm at the NW Regional Library. The city will honor the victims by laying a wreath at the 9/11 memorial just outside the library followed by a tribute service inside the library in the community room. For more info call: 954-344-1147.




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