Weigh Day #10 - Holy Moly!

Happy Wednesday!  Today is my 10th weigh-in and I am hoping for a loss since my 1 pound gain over vacation last week.  I’ve been eating great and workout out religiously so let’s see how I did:

HOLY MOLY!  I lost FOUR (4) more pounds!!!  I am so excited and happy I’m actually crying!  :)  Today, I am officially 30 pounds lighter than I was 2.5 months ago.  AMAZING! What a difference my eDiets meals make!

Here’s my comparison stats from Weigh Day #1  to today:  (For all my stats & photo progressions - check out my Before & After page).




  • http://lisalaughs.wordpress.com mszcheon

    In only 2.5 months? Congrats! You look great!

  • http://newsburp.com News Burp

    You look great! I’m about to start a weight loss journey of my own so it’s good to see someone enjoying success. I think I’ll give Weight Watchers Online a go. I’m 49 and need to lose 60 lbs. or so. I’ve been a weightlifter all my life but my blood pressure is becoming an issue. I need a lot less bulk. Fat definitely has to go and some muscle mass probably needs to as well. I dread the dieting, but it’s time.

    • http://myedietsjourney.com christinarussell

      Thanks! Well, I wish you the best of luck. Dieting doesn’t have to be hard - you just have to have the will power to stick with it. I make sure I have one cheat meal/drink(s) per week (usually on Fri or Sat night) and it’s done wonders for me! :)