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  1. VIDEO: Lean Legs Workout – At Home Circuit

    Lengthen and strengthen those legs with this circuit workout. Aim for 3 rounds in total 3 times per week for smokin sexy lean legs!

  2. VIDEO: 8 Minute Plank Challenge

    Build up the strength in your core, arms, shoulders and legs by adding on this 8 minute plank challenge to the end of any workout.

  3. VIDEO: Pyramid BodyWeight Workout

    Build up strength and cardio with this fun pyramid workout! All you need is some water and 5-15 minutes to get your sweat on!

  4. VIDEO: Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

    Get sexy arms and toned shoulders for spring and summer with this 13 minute upper body dumbbell workout you can do at home!

  5. Top 8 Healthy Habits

    Top 8 Healthy Habits: Daily, Weekly, Monthly

    Our 1st video in our Healthy Talk series is about the top 8 healthy habits you should incorporate into your life to reach your goals.

  6. Set your pits free with primal pit paste natural deodorant

    A Natural Deodorant That Works + Giveaway!

    Sets your pits free with the natural deodorant from Primal Pit Paste! Check out the review and enter to win a prize pack from P3 PURE!

  7. All about collagen!

    Why collagen should be part of your fitness routine {+ Coupon Code}

    We've got 7 amazing reasons why you should be adding collagen to your diet...gut health, heart health and a boosted metabolism are just the start!

  8. VIDEO: Towel Workout – Home Circuit Workout

    All you need is 2 small towels and you can really get a great cardio and core workout right at home. So grab your towels, some water and press play!

  9. Love Yourself

    12 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love

    February isn't just the month to love your significant other, it's for loving friends, family, fur-babies, and yourself! Here are 12 ways to start loving yourself more.

  10. VIDEO: Flat Abs Circuit Workout

    In just 15 minutes a day you can start creating and defining your abs and working towards that flat tummy. No special equipment needed so don't delay, press play!

  11. The truth about your body after babies

    Body After Baby

    It's time for us to celebrate our Mommyhood by shedding the negative body image and embracing our strength and body after baby.

  12. VIDEO: Resistance Bands Total Body Workout – No Impact Home Exercise

    Amp up your workouts with resistance bands! This fun home circuit workout will work your entire body with little to no impact so let's get started!

  13. VIDEO: Kids Workout – All Ages Home Workout

    All snowed in? Grab your kiddos and have some fun with this 5-15 minute circuit workout. Not only will you get a great workout, but you'll create great memories too!

  14. VIDEO: 15 Minute Fat Burning HIIT Lower Body Workout

    If you've got 15 minutes, then hit play and get your sweat on to this lower body HIIT workout that targets your booty and legs.

  15. How to create an amazing spa day at home

    Learn how you can pamper yourself and create your own spa day in your own home without spending a ton of money.. DIY facials and bath bombs are just the beginning!