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The Fit for Life Bootcamp

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If you’ve made it to this page then you’ve probably seen some of my bootcamp workout clips or sign-ups on Instagram or Facebook. Or maybe you just heard the term bootcamp and thought you’d check it out. Either way, let me break it down so you get a better understanding of what they are.

At it’s core, my bootcamp is a private online fitness community filled with ladies & gents looking to grow and get healthier in mind and body.

In our group you will:
  • Workout to whatever program you want! Moving that body = releasing endorphins.
  • Get weekly meal plans. Each week you’ll get a new meal plan with recipes and grocery guide to help you with your nutrition. 
  • Drink our superfoods shake! Staying healthy is more important now than ever before!
  • Be part of an incredible community. You’ll check in with the group, chat about what you’re doing and form amazing connections!
  • Focus on positivity! Part of being healthy is working on a positive mindset too!
  • Stay connected! We have fun themes and challenges each month to stay connected with one another. Just because we’re virtual doesn’t mean we can’t be connected! 
Our bootcamp is SO much more than just a workout! It’s about establishing a routine, working on your best mindset and having people to lean on throughout your entire health and wellness journey!

#MBF and #MBFA are brand new workouts that hit this July! So let’s take a deeper dive into the program and our Fit for Life Bootcamp this summer! You’ll be able to do this workout and any of our other 1100+ workouts! 

Megan Davies is the super trainer and creator of these two 21 day programs. She wanted them to be fast, fun and effective and turn your body into a fat-burning machine without spending hours on the treadmill or cutting out carbs.


  • 2 x 3 week programs designed to be done back to back (#mbf and #mbfa)
  • 25-45 minute workouts
  • Set to music so you can push your pace, find your rhythm, and let the music drive you to burn maximum calories.
  • 7 days a week: M/W/F Strength Training, T/TH Cardio, Sat EMOMs (every minute on the minute), Sunday – Recovery
  • Super Trainer Megan Davies (winner of the 20s and creator of Clean Week).

So what is #MBF and #MBFA?

#mbf (muscle burns fat) & #mbfa (muscle burns fat advanced) are two 3-week programs that incorporate strength training and cardio to help you build muscle and burn fat and are set to the beat of the music. 

For some moves, you’ll use 2 dumbbells, and for others you’ll just use one to put your body off-balance. This combination of symmetrical and asymmetrical training will challenge your core and engage more muscles throughout your body.

Most workouts utilize the BRAND NEW BOD Rope, a Cordless Indoor Jump Rope, with weighted handles to help you focus on your speed and effort, while reducing the chance of tripping. 

Remember: Muscle. Burns. Fat. Go harder, go faster and watch the pounds drop.

WATCH the video below to get a peek into each of these programs!

Who is #MBF for?

#MBF is a beginner program that features simple, easy-to-follow moves and 25-35 minute workouts. 

#MBFA is an intermediate program with longer 25-40 minute workouts that build on the moves you learned in #mbf and include Megan Minutes which are 1-minute challenges using heavy weights and low-rep burnouts. 

what nutrition program is best for you?How does nutrition fit into #mbf?

To get the results you have to eat right so nutrition plays a key part in all 6 weeks. You can’t starve yourself. Building muscle and getting toned takes FUEL. You have to eat to lose weight!

Our bundles include 2 incredible nutrition programs – both proven to provide long term results – without starving yourself or giving up the things you love.

With Ultimate Portion Fix, Autumn Calabrese gives you control over food by managing portions with color-coded containers to help you create delicious, perfectly portioned meals aligned to your goals.

The 2B Mindset program, created by Ilana Muhlstein, Registered Dietician Nutritionist and bestselling author, is a flexible approach to weight loss that lets you eat larger volumes of food to help you feel satisfied physically and emotionally, with an approach to accountability to keep you on-track every day.

You’ll also receive your first 30 days of access to the Nutrition+ membership, which gives you ongoing accountability and support to help you reach your weight-loss goals. 

Try the quiz and see which nutrition plan is suited for you.

Wanna see some AMAZING transformations?! I thought so!


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