Daily Harvest Cups for Busy Moms

Daily Harvest cups are the perfect assistant to busy moms on the go. From smoothies to bowls and lattes to bites, there’s always a simple and deliciously healthy meal just a freezer away.

Top 50 Positive Mantras for Everyday Life

Practicing positive mantras can have amazing effects on relationships, jobs and stress. Here’s our list of the TOP 50 postivie mantras for everyday life.

12 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love

February isn’t just the month to love your significant other, it’s for loving friends, family, fur-babies, and yourself! Here are 12 ways to start loving yourself more.

VIDEO: Flat Abs Circuit Workout

In just 15 minutes a day you can start creating and defining your abs and working towards that flat tummy. No special equipment needed so don’t delay, press play!

Body After Baby

It’s time for us to celebrate our Mommyhood by shedding the negative body image and embracing our strength and body after baby.

VIDEO: Kids Workout – All Ages Home Workout

All snowed in? Grab your kiddos and have some fun with this 5-15 minute circuit workout. Not only will you get a great workout, but you’ll create great memories too!

How to create an amazing spa day at home

Learn how you can pamper yourself and create your own spa day in your own home without spending a ton of money.. DIY facials and bath bombs are just the beginning!

VIDEO: 5 Minute Indoor Cardio Warmup

Get your workout started with this 5 minute indoor cardio warm-up to help improve flexibility, improve blood flow and decrease injuries.

7 Cool Down Stretches + Estella NYC

Every great workout deserves a great cool down! Use these 7 moves to help with flexibility and keep you in the best shape possible. Special feature with Ana in the organic gear from Estella NYC!

Chocolate Oatmeal Lactation Cookies

If you’re a nursing mom, you can enjoy these delicious & chocolatey cookies guilt-free because they help boost milk supply!

It’s all about the {Stitch} Fix

Take a peek inside the workings of Stitch Fix, a monthly subscription box of apparel & accessories for women, preggos and men!

Back To Square One

The time has come. Baby Anastasia is 6 weeks old and the Doc gave me clearance to return to normal. For me, that is basically a big neon sign saying TIME TO GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GET BACK IN SHAPE! Join me on my journey here and on facebook LIVE!